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"Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life"

-Pablo Picasso

Every Brush Stroke - A Different Story

I dip my brush into my soul to form my art. It is a part of me that yearns for expression. It's the only way for me to say the things I have no words for.


Hello !

I am Maria Collier.

I was born an artist in Bogota Colombia. My family came to the states when I was 7 after war erupted in my parents homeland of Nicaragua. It was a difficult adjustment made easier by staying creative. My life has alway had a creative element to it. From filling up shelves with countless coloring books as a child, my job as a makeup artist to get me through college, to my work as an interior designer as an adult. Being creative has always been a big part of my life.

Commissions and Custom Orders

My experience in interior design gives me a unique ability to be able to work with color. Send me your fabric swatches and/or a photo of the space your looking to enhance with color and I can create something that will elevate your home. My passion is creating art, please contact me for pricing on one of a kind custom piece for your home.

Where creativity and intuition meet

My Portfolio!

High quality original art collection


(cre-ātè) Verb

  • to bring into being; to form something out of nothing: to cause to exist.
  • to make something that did not exist before.

My Process

I am an intuitive artist driven by music. Never formally trained, I move color around by allowing the music to help me express my feelings through the canvas and paints. Music is my muse and inspiration. That is why most of my art is named after songs that have inspired me.

Music and movement are one of the tools I use. I work through each layer of paint until an image or feeling appears.

Usually there are 4-6 paintings under each canvas. Each layer organically forming the essence of the next, giving the painting depth that is unattainable otherwise.

There is no formula, the colors I choose are all picked intuitively, each selected because of a feeling I'm trying to express onto the canvas. I use instinct as my guide, it's the only way to tap into the truth.

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